Joshish is a post-progressive four piece music outfit, which sings in Hindi/Urdu and is noted for its peculiar live performances. They are based in Mumbai, India.

Forming a band, in a place where people had not even distantly heard of a ‘rock music scene’ and then pioneering it and curating one for itself from scratch. Joshish' journey and the central Indian rock scene evolved hand-in-hand. Eight years later with innumerable concerts spanning across several major colleges and venues of the country and having inspired and fathered innumerable other acts all the way, it has been a contributing element to the country's independent rock scene. Band’s honest approach towards writing songs relevant to the times we live in and frequent voluntary performances for various social causes have always been prominent too.

Joshish was formed in April 2006 in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Later in 2013, the band went through a line-up change and shifted its base to Mumbai. It started touring again in Dec’ 2014. Their new songs are already making waves in the circuit and the anticipated debut album, which took 8 years in the making and features some huge collaborations will be released in October 2015.

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