Joshish is a post-prog rock act which sings in hindi/urdu and is noted for its peculiar live performances. They are based in Mumbai.

Joshish' journey and the central Indian rock scene evolved hand-in-hand. Seven years later with more than 100 concerts spanning across several major colleges of the country and having inspired and fathered innumerable other acts all the way, it has been a contributing element to the country's independent rock scene. It's upstanding approach towards writing songs about the society and frequent voluntary performances for various social causes have always been very prominent too.

Joshish was formed in April 2006 at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh (shifted base to Mumbai in 2012) with a usual 6 piece band line-up which went through several line-up changes before getting squared up as a 4 piece band by the end of 2008. Later in 2013, the band went through yet another major line-up change, replacing three of its band members and started touring again. The band has always been driven by the founder, Sameer Rahat. A music producer and a composer who has also laid down the lyrics of all the songs yet. He is also the bassist and lead vocalist for the band. Their songs are already making waves in the circuit and the debut album is undergoing pre-production right now which will be by mid 2014.

If you check with places the band has recently played at- sit back and hold tight.

‘Joshish will be an experience you will never forget.’

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